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Variable Refrigerant Packaged Heat Pumps (VRP)

VRF performance and single package simplicity!

VRF performance and single package simplicity, it all comes together in the award-winning Friedrich VRP. Precision Inverter® compressor delivers best in class cooling performance with efficiencies up to 20 SEER. Super-efficient heating with low-ambient heat pump operation to 0˚ F*. Optional FreshAire™ system helps building owners comply with ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, bringing in up to 70 CFM of conditioned, MERV 8 filtered, outside air into the space on our .7,1, and 2 ton VRP products and up to 130 CFM on our 3 ton VRP products. True sophisticated humidity control system with on-board sensors, humidistats, and optional reheat. VRP is available in 7,000, 12,000, 24,000, and 36,000 Btu models.

It all comes together in the award-winning Friedrich VRP®. Visit Friedrich to learn how Friedrich’s VRP stands alone in the air conditioning industry.

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Best in class cooling performance
Super-efficient heating
Conditioned fresh air
True humidity control
True dehumidification with cooling and hot gas reheat coils
Optional Reheat option
Does not have any effect on existing infrastructure of CHW and HW systems
Able to bring in outside air and dehumidify with hot gas reheat coil, meeting ASHRAE 62.1 2013
Inverter variable speed compressor, ECM supply and condenser fans, up top 20 SEER
Self-contained vertical air handler
Requires an outside wall connection
Available in .7, 1, 2 & 3 ton sizes
Eliminates the installation of outdoor units and the running of refrigerant piping
Benefits and cost savings of a VRF system without the piping issues in a self-contained unit
Low ambient heat pump to 0°F, includes secondary electric heat
Low installation time
Charged from the factory and 100% run tested
Quiet operation
Condenser has harsh environment coil coating
5 year sealed refrigerant parts warranty including compressor, evaporator, metering devices, reversing valve and the interconnecting tubing
Units are ready to install with only an electrical connection needed
1 Ton, 5,400 to 16,000 Btu/hr., 35 or 70 CFM OSA
2 Ton, 14,500 to 28,000 Btu/hr., 35 or 70 CFM OSA
3 Ton, 22,000 to 36,000 Btu/hr., 65 or 130 CFM OSA
2018 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year (Gold)!
Available with additional means for reducing disease transmission:
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation C (UV-C) lamps for reducing disease transmission
MERV13 Bioclimatic Biotronic rated powered filters for capturing particles as small as .007 microns
Bi-Polar Ionization
VRP Installation needs to be considered:
Requires construction of a closet to house each unit – 32” x 32” min. closet dimensions on an exterior wall
Requires an exterior louver to pull in outside air and exhaust condenser air; louver can be available in different colors
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Maximize Your Building System's Efficiency
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