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Oil-Free Chillers

Pioneer and world leader in high-efficiency oil-free chillers.

Smardt’s founder Roger Richmond-Smith and his technical partner Ron Conry started Turbocor oil-free compressor development in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. Their team moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2000 to complete this breakthrough technology’s development and its 2003 commercial launch. Turbocor partnered with Danfoss in 2004 when Roger retired to academia in Paris. In 2005, he partnered with the U.K.’s Direct Energy to start Smardt as the world’s first chiller company dedicated solely to high-efficiency lowest-lifetime-cost oil-free centrifugals.

Today, Smardt’s pioneering commitment since 2005 has already dramatically cut global chiller energy consumption and owner operating costs with over 10,000 Smardt chillers now operating. This decarbonization and innovation campaign continues into the long term.

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20%-50% greater energy efficiency versus oil-lubricated chillers
Water and air-cooled
Quiet, low sound & vibration
Maintenance savings up to 50%
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Maximize Your Building System's Efficiency
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